What can we assist you with?


Sales contracts.

The counsel and supervision of a notary is extremely important in every sales contract. In the case of real estate transactions, the notary confirms that the property has no hidden liens, that its community fees and taxes are fully paid to date, and that both parties have the legal capacity and authority to sign the sales contract. The notary will also submit the first deed of sale to the Real Estate Register and update the corresponding ownership details in the cadaster. 


Mortgage loans.

We will assist you in the process of signing your mortgage loan, providing impartial counsel and making sure that the terms set forth by your entity comply with legal requirements. Signing a mortgage is a very important milestone in a person’s life because it is usually only done once or twice.


Mortgage redemption.

Once the loan has been paid in full to your bank, it is important to request the corresponding mortgage redemption from the financial institution and have it documented in the Real Estate Register. We prepare the mortgage redemption statement and contact your bank to have them visit the notary and sign the document.  


Personal loans and other bank contracts.

When requesting a personal loan without collateral, your bank will provide a contract to be signed before a notary. In order to reduce wait times, the notary has a specific department for this quick and easy procedure.


Powers of attorney.

The notary is also authorised to create powers of attorney that can be used anywhere in the world.


Notarial acts. 

A notarial act gives the peace of mind of having events or statements documented before a notary who bears witness to something they have been physically been part of.



A notary must be involved in real estate property gifts and in gifts with defined heirs (which are taxed at lower rates), and in cash gifts with lower tax payments.


Wills and inheritances.

The notary will advise you on the best way to handle your estate, based on your needs and concerns, and by correctly applying civil law, which is particularly complex with regard to inheritances. If you would like to formalise your future inheritance while alive, we will recommend the most suitable amounts for gifts with defined heirs and universal beneficiaries.

Once the person is deceased, we will guide you in the process of formalising the inheritance as per the legal and testamentary provisions, or by processing the declaration of heirs ab intestato. If the heirs fail to come to an agreement, we will guide them through the various instruments available in the legal system for these instances.


Corporate law.

Setting up a new company requires a notarial certificate of incorporation and an entry in the Commercial Register upon obtaining the CIF tax identification number. The notary can take care of this entire procedure. Once the company has been set up, the notary will advise you on the requirements and regulations to be applied for the various needs that may arise as part of the business operations (director modifications, capital increases and reductions, company address changes, structural modifications such as mergers, dissolutions and liquidations, etc.).


Other property record modifications.

The correlation between the actual reality of properties and the property records is increasingly important because it results in higher values. Urban development specifications and the requirements for registering properties are becoming increasingly complex. As a result, accurate information on the matter is essential to avoid future issues.


Non-contentious proceedings.

Notaries have extensive experience in non-contentious proceedings. For example, our notary can process modifications for the total area and boundaries of real estate properties, chain-of-title renewals, the first registration of a real estate property, estate partitioner appointments, etc.


Marriages and divorces.

For the past few years, it has been possible to get married before a notary upon processing a simple legal document in a quick and economic manner. Notaries are also authorised to approve divorces in the case of marriages that do not involve children who are minors.

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